iFXEXPO: Report from Macau

The Fair Trading Technology team has just recently returned from Macau where we exhibited at iFXEXPO, the first retail FX broker industry event held in Asia.

Asia and mobile trading are the two fastest growing sectors in the global FX industry. With Singapore becoming the world's fifth largest FX trading city, with mobile accounting for up to 10% of a brokers' turnover, the opportunities in this region are endless.

As part of the event's activities, Chris Gnanakone, US Sales for Fair Trading Technolgy, participated on the conference's mobile panel. The panelists were in agreement that the significance of providing mobile solutions for clients is increasing, with more traders adapting to mobile lifestyles and an increasing number of trades being executed through mobile platforms every day.

Mr. Gnanakone talked about how mobile trading is affecting the future of FX trading, and how solutions such as Fair Trading Technology's mobile platform helps brokers to take advantage of this trend.

As most FX brokers are getting between 10 and 20% of their volumes from mobile trading—with this number increasing, as Asia has become a huge source of growth—brokers need to choose the right mobile trading platform for their traders.

To help brokers capitalize on this growing trend, we offered a special mobile solutions special at iFXEXPO. But if you missed it there, here is another chance. Get in touch with us to find out details and let provide you a tailored mobile solution for your traders.