A broker toolbox to manage clients in one place

By Per-Anders Gustafsson, Development Director

As a followup to the previous blog post, explaining the importance of affiliate management, I want to dig a bit deeper into what Fair Trading Technology's T3 BrokerTools has to offer.

Having one toolbox to manage everything from one place is very valuable to a broker. The toolbox should also be scalable to help the broker continue growing without technical limitations. So we made that to one of our highest priorities to achieve.

From client lead to signed customer

The KYC (Know Your Customer) sign-up solution gives the broker a real-time control of all the steps in the on-boarding process. After signing up, the client can select between several convenient payment options to deposit funds to trade with. Once the client is signed up and ready for trading, all activities and trades are logged into the system so that the broker can look back on all historic events when necessary. Brokers can also assign different user levels within the system so only relevant information is accessible by the staff responsible for managing client accounts.

Risk management

Configuring price groups, setting spreading and having the ability to create extensive reports, all available in one place is convenient. Even moreso is having full control of risk management. Switch between straight-through processing and B-booking with just a few clicks. We have developed a simple and effective solution to handle the risk with the A/B booking feature. 

Give clients access to multiple platforms

Not only can the broker connect any liquidity partner of his preference to one solution, but T3 BrokerTools also makes it possible to keep multiple trading platforms and clients in one place, in sync, all the time.

Technical advantage with adaptive tools

Staying at the forefront of competition and becoming a market leader is dependent on an organization's ability to adapt to current market conditions. T3 BrokerTools lets brokers focus on what they know best and leave the technical advancement to us. As market conditions change, so do T3 BrokerTools.

T3 BrokerTools is a proven and secure online control hub providing brokers the ability to manage many of their day-to-day activities through its modules, including a Back Office, CRM, Affiliate/IB System, Traders' Room, Reporting and PAMM solution.