We have upgraded our Broker Tools, now running on version 3.6

BrokerTools is a suite of supporting tools for brokerages, linked to the T3 Hub, and aimed at making the life of a broker easier.

Fair Trading Technology present their extended list of liquidity providers

Fair Trading Technology has already connected some of the best top-tier brokers and banks as liquidity providers for you to choose from, including Hotspot, Alpari, Citi FX and Currenex. Now we extend the list of integrated liquidity providers with Gain GTX (Gain Capital) and Capmar Financial (CMS).

A broker toolbox to manage clients in one place

As a followup to the previous blog post, explaining the importance of affiliate management, I want to dig a bit deeper into what Fair Trading Technology's T3 BrokerTools has to offer.

The key to success for Asian forex brokers

Some of the Fair Trading Technology team have just returned from the Forex Magnates Tokyo Summit and, in addition to learning more about the challenges forex brokers face in Asia, also have some solutions to compete in this highly competitive marketplace.

White labeling opportunities

The Foreign Exchange market (FX) has come along way in the past 15-20 years. What was once the domain of banks, brokers and large investment firms is now open to the man in the street. Unlike other assets classes, currencies afford investors unparalleled liquidity, 24-hour access to the market and the ability to make handsome gains.

Why scalability is important

When launching a broker, it is relatively easy to plan for what you need to get started. What is often missed is to ensure the solution you choose to start your business with is equally ready to take you to the next level when your business succeeds.

Fair Trading Technology attends Forex Industry Conference 2013 as Gold Sponsor

Fair Trading Technology is proud to announce our gold sponsorship of Forex Industry Conference 2013. In less than two weeks, Shift Forex will host its inaugural global FX industry event in New York City. The conference features five panels covering areas impacting the industry.

iFXEXPO: Report from Macau

The Fair Trading Technology team has just recently returned from Macau where we exhibited at iFXEXPO, the first retail FX broker industry event held in Asia.

What brokers should consider when choosing a mobile trading platform

With the boom of online retail FX, running a forex brokerage is becoming more complex than ever before. To meet customer demand and to get a leg up on competition, brokers have been looking to broaden their product offerings. While offering a simple computer-based trading platform was sufficient in the past, retail traders are demanding more, new ways of executing FX, such as social and mobile trading.

FTT on Future FX World - Interview from Dukacopy TV

Check this video out. Our CEO Mr. Tim Haman, interviewed by Dukascopy TV, shared how FTT brings a difference to a future FX World.
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